Loose Riders Travel was founded by Tim and Tanner

Tim is the driving force behind Loose Riders Global Alliance.
After extensively traveling Asia for over 25 years and settling down in Thailand over a decade ago, Tim's passion for riding bikes and travel is what started LRGA and now Loose Riders Travel.

“When we first started Loose Riders the idea was to inform people about our awesome trails in here in Thailand and in return discover new places and people to ride with, in locations that are not that obvious.

After Loose Riders went global, we now have chapters in Asia’s top riding destinations. From traveling the region that much, we know the pitfalls of finding spots and traveling with a bike, especially if you have limited time, so we set out to make travel to these exotic, far away places possible-on a budget. We teamed up with the best partners in the region, and started a travel agency that caters to gravity oriented biking in Asia, the very first of its kind.”

As a licensed MTB Guide/Coach from Europe Tanner has started exploring the trails in the Himalayas and around South East Asia almost 20 years ago, when mountain biking in this remote areas was still exotic and rare.

As a opinion maker at Scott-Sports he gained some experience in the bike industry. Based in Asia since more than a decade and speaking the language fluently he surveyed trails around Asia to find new bike travel destinations.

“To travel by mountain bike is the most exciting way to explore a countries culture, nature and people.”