Chiang Maiís downhill trails are arguably the best in Asia.
Long natural descents trough a wide variety of terrain that will test your bike-skills and give Ďarmpumpí a whole new meaning!

There are trails for every skill level but expect to be challenged, Chiang Mai is many things but what its not is a groomed bike park and precisely that is its draw, from DH riders from neighboring counties making their annual pilgrimage to visiting World Cup proís alike, everyone agrees, Chiang Maiís trails are sick!

So how come so few people know about them?
Chiang Maiís trails get very little exposure for the credit they deserve, partially because its still an unknown Mtb destination but also because getting good footage from Chiang Maiís DH trails is hard, the dense jungle makes it difficult to film and virtually impossible to fly a drone.

In a way that might be to its advantage, keeping Chiang Mai an unspoiled, pristine biking destination. Ad to that the distinct chilled out after-ride vibe, by far the best food in Asia and you will see why Chiang Mai is widely regarded as the top biking destination in the region.

What to expect?

Roughly 1300 meter vertical descent per trail. 

Trails range in length from 7,7 km to 15 km.

Lots of loose rock, steep descents, fast single track and World Cup worthy rock gardens. 

Chiang Mai is rideable all year round, conditions will vary from bone dry dusty to mudfest slippery and hero-dirt tacky in-between.
All of the riding is done on natural terrain, the descents are long, from 20 to 40 minutes depending on your skill level and fitness.

Chiang Mai hosts a variety of trails for every skill level, but we recommend some Downhill experience to get the most out of this trip. 

The riding is technical and can be intense so if you need a brake and donít feel like chilling out by the hotel pool all day, Chiang Mai has lots to offer, if would be a shame not to experience any of it. From its famous buddhist temples to its local cuisine, there is something for everyone, from visiting an elephant rehabilitation sanctuary, bungee jumping, zip-lining, hiking and rafting to shopping or getting pampered and one of the cities many spa's to renting enduro MX bikes, or party the night away in the cityís excellent night life, its all at your doorstep.

Chiang Mai is Thailandís second biggest city, located in the mountainous north of the country. In stark contrast with Bangkok, Chiang Mai is a haven of peace and tranquility, this laid-back city is nestled along green forest foothills of the Doi Suthep-Pui mountain range and will be our base. The shuttles are fast and our hotel is conveniently located close to the mountains, far away from mass tourism and in the more laid back íhipí part of town.