Chiang Mai is such a good place for riding enduro bikes, it could easily be a stop on the EWS.

There is a large variety of world class-trails, right at your doorstep, you can literally roll your bike to our hotel within minutes of having tackled some of the most technical descents the region has to offer.

Navigate long challenging downhills, ride singletrack, climb along ridge lines, ride trough valleys and across mountain ranges, there is something for every preference and level of rider, with the emphasis on technical riding, Chiang Mai will make you progress, there is no way around it.

Our focus is on gravity: more down then up. But everything is possible: we will tailor the itinerary to your preference. You can mix it up day by day, whatever you want to ride next.

Up for a challenge ?
+60 km epics, 2000 meter climbs, mixed up with super technical descents.

Feel like shuttling only?
Shuttle up and smash gnarly downhill trails all day long.

Something in-between?
Ride flowy singletrack trough villages and valleys and have still enough time to shuttle a few laps in the aftenoon.

Mellow all day epic?
No problem, single track, fire roads, coffee plantations, lakes, all right at your doorstep.

Besides riding, Chiang Mai is an amazing city and has lots to offer, if would be a shame not to experience any of it. From its famous buddhist temples to its local cuisine, there is something for everyone, from visiting an elephant rehabilitation sanctuary, bungee jumping, zip-lining ,hiking and rafting, shopping to renting enduro MX bikes, or party the night away in the city’s excellent night life, its all at your doorstep.

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second biggest city, located in the mountainous north of the country. In stark contrast with Bangkok, Chiang Mai is a haven of peace and tranquility, this laid-back city is nestled along green forest foothills of the Doi Suthep-Pui mountain range and will be our base. The shuttles are fast and our hotel is conveniently located close to the mountains, far away from mass tourism and in the more laid back ’hip’ part of town.